​Our simple philosophy...

​If ‘Tea Makes Everything Better’ ​shouldn’t we be drinking better tea?®

So here at CHASH we source and import ‘Better Tea'.

The signature English Breakfast Gold was created by our hands here in London and our Earl Grey 1833 is blended exclusively for us.

Tea comes from one bush (an evergreen, known as Camellia Sinensis). For hundreds of years it was a luxury product that only very few could afford. Quality was high and consumers were revered as connoisseurs.

Cultivation of fine tea, like fine wine, requires unique characters of location, climate, soil, topography and elevation – the terroir. Combine this with the careful skill of the tea master and you have a cup to truly savour.

CHASH is fully committed to bring you only fine tea. We travelled the world to source the very best (try the rest!).

To suit all consumer tastes, our day is dedicated to the provision of both traditional teas and rare teas not otherwise found in the UK.

CHASH own and produce Sherlock Holmes Tea and Shakespeare Tea. For a number of clients (and brides!) we create and produce Bespoke Blends.

Our name is derived from ‘Chashitsu’ Japanese for 'Tea Room' and our philosophy – If ‘Tea Makes Everything Better’ shouldn’t we be drinking better tea?

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Did you know?

Stick the kettle on...

​Every day we Britons drink 165 million cups of tea.

That beats the coffee drinkers 2:1 day in day out, and everyone thought we were a coffee drinking nation.

A secret elixir...

Drinking tea increases metabolism (good for weight loss!), helps lessen colds and menstrual pain.

​Tea is rich in the antioxidants that fight the ageing of skin. Tea helps us look and feel healthy.

We travel far to find the best...

Like wine, tea comes from one bush an evergreen, known as Camellia Sinensis.

The variety comes from the careful skill of the farmer combined with the unique characters of the location, climate, soil and elevation – the terroir

If 'tea makes everything better' shouldn't we be drinking better tea?®