CHASH Tea Sale – 25% off everything in the shop

Hello People
As you’ll be aware the hospitality world has fallen apart. In just a few days almost all of our clients have closed (this week we’ve had 1 order)

Like every small company (including many of our clients mentioned above) we face a scary challenge and an uncertain future. Difficult waters lie ahead for me and my team.

The cold truth is the lost revenue cannot be replaced. But I’m determined to do what I can to keep my terrific team and keep us busy.

This means thinking creatively and looking at options I previously would have instantly dismissed! While the idea of slashing prices is anathema to those of you who know me well, I really have no choice.

So… deep breath…here it comes…

Keycode 25HOME will give you 25% off EVERYTHING in the shop (yes, even those items already on sale). The existing 15% discount on 3+ items also applies.

If you (or anyone you know) would enjoy some world-class tea and giving some help to my team*, get stocking!

* All sales will go to paying my team, but not my Mum ‘cos she already works for nothing!