Christmas Gifts At CHASH

Isn’t Christmas the most wonderful time of the year. But it’s not always easy to find the perfect tea gift for the tea lover.

The cold, crisp air makes a comforting cup of tea even more inviting and here at CHASH we have put together a Limited Edition of wonderful gifts. Ideal for those who love tea, for those who are new to tea… and for those who wish to treat themselves!

This year we let the team at CHASH create their version of the perfect tea gift. So we ended up in a room with not one but three limited edition gifts boxes!

With our customers in mind, we have designed each gift box to cater for a different taste :~

Luxury Tea Set ~

If you like an authentic tea experience then why not try our Luxury Tea Set. Within this box the luxury starts with a gorgeous Zisha Gongfu tea set. This wonderful tea set, made from Chinese red clay, contains one Gaiwan, a single pitcher, six sniffer cups and six drinking cups. In addition your lucky recipient will also find three exciting choices from our range ~  Pure Rooibos, Darjeeling 2nd Flush and Chocolate Tea.

Pouches and Envelope Set ~

Our second choice is for those who like their tea with convenience! Included in this set is two packs of our tea in handy pouches (Chocolate Tea and Wild Berries) plus an extra ten pouches in delightful individually-wrapped envelopes! This selection includes calming Chamomile (perfect for bathtime!) and our very own smoky Sherlock Holmes Tea . The final treat is our special double-wall glass cup for you to enjoy your tea!

Glass Tea Set ~

The third choice by our team is for all those who love the visual experience of tea! This set includes our special double-wall glass cup and a matching glass teapot. Not only will you be sipping the finest tea but you also can enjoy watching your tea develop inside the pot!

We have made these sets ourselves so these Limited Edition boxes are very limited in number! If you’re interested in treating someone special, you need to move fast!

Luxury Tea Set ~ £75

Pouches and Envelope Set ~ £30

Glass Tea Set ~ £45


CHASH would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.