Happy… or Happier?


Happy… or Happier?


It’s surprising how often I hear the phrase ‘we are happy with our current supplier’.


Every week I’m approached by new tea suppliers and never once would I respond to them with that line.


Firstly, it’s a statement of the obvious – Of course we are!… How probable is it that I would continue working with a supplier who isn’t keeping me happy?!


More importantly, ‘happy’ is only relative; how do I know the new tea source could not make me happier?


For example, it will make me happier if I can access a better product at the same price, or an equal product for a lower price. These two examples are the most obvious, but there are myriad ways (including training and customer service) in which it is in MY interest to listen.


Which brings me to today (and our ongoing commitment to quality).


This morning I bought lots of tea from China. As always, I ordered from a variety of sources. When I last placed a similar order, the suppliers we used were not the same. If the earlier suppliers found us great (and cheaper) tea, why the switch?


Because when the more recent supplier approached me I didn’t say ‘we are happy with our current supplier’.


One final thought… If your response to this is ‘I don’t have the time’ imagine if it was time that the supplier could save you. Wouldn’t that make you happier?