Matcha Latte

What makes a Matcha Latte.

To produce Matcha you first cultivate the finest Green Tea. But, just before picking the leaf, the plant is shaded for 2-3 weeks. Depriving the leaf of sunlight increases its polyphenol count and makes for a richer flavour.

Once picked the leaf has its stem and veins carefully removed. This process produces what is known as ‘tencha’. The remaining flesh is then ground down using a pestle and mortar into powder form.

To drink Matcha place 1g of the powdered leaf into a bowl and add to it a small amount of warm water (depending on preference, between 40-70 degrees). Whisk the Matcha in a gentle ‘M’ movement for 10-20 seconds.

Once you create a smooth, creamy head (avoid creating large bubbles!) your Matcha is ready.

For a Latte, steam your milk and pour through the Matcha.