Matcha – The Trend for 2019?

Already this month we are seeing a Matcha Rush!

The health benefits of Matcha are extraordinary. It seems the potent antioxidant and vitamin mix is a winning start to the new year!

Evidence from clinical studies show that, while the caffeine can stimulate the mind, the theanine present can reduce or moderate stress – perfect for hard-working students! Research shows that Matcha boosts metabolism and helps reduce cholesterol.

Matcha also has  :

  • X10 antioxidants of blueberries
  • X9 vitamins of spinach
  • X70 antioxidants of Orange Juice


For those of you who want versatility with your Matcha we recommend making it as a latte, either straight or mixed with turmeric or beetroot. And if you wait for sunnier times it is deelish iced!

The tea industry seems geared up to see a big growth in Matcha drinking this year. We are already sensing this may be true.

So kickstart your year with a healthy kick each day. However you enjoy your Matcha, be certain that it is bringing a healthy and energetic boost to your life