Mr Wei and His Family

When we met Mr Wei at his tea house in Chaozhou (Guangdong) he proudly told us of his love for both Oolongs and experimenting.

While tasting several (OK, many) of his wonderful teas, Mr Wei introduced us to his family. Tea making runs in the family and we met and had yet more tea with his Mother, Father, Father-in-law, wife and son. Everyone apart from the little chap is involved in the business (and we are sure he will follow in the family footstep!)


It was an honour to then be invited to stay

at the family home and watch the nighttime preparation of some fresh Oolong ☺️

At 2am, and after no sleep yet more tea, we were shown into the tea room where the large, fresh leaves were withering. The aroma was marvellous!


For the next two hours we witnessed father and son take the leaves through a range of delicate procedures. While we had a go at turning and pan-shaking, it was a thrill to watch their gentle skill.

Just before 4am the tea was placed in the oven for baking. How did we celebrate? With a cup of Oolong, naturally ?