National Tea Day – Part 1

On the 21st April at Kensington Roof Gardens, 23 Tea companies and Tea lovers came together to celebrate National Tea Day Festival.

Not by coincidence was this day also the Queen’s Birthday, making this day ever so much more British! (I guess the only un-British thing about the day was the surprisingly good weather). The day was full of smiles, laughter and, of course, plenty of tea drinking.

The festival was the perfect opportunity for the launch of our Sherlock Holmes Tea. There was simply no better place.

I bet you are wondering, what is inside Sherlock Holmes Tea….

Well, it contains the finest English Breakfast tea with a pinch of smoky lapsang souchong with ginkgo and elderflower blossom. Here is why this was chosen:

The great consulting detective was a terrific fan of tea. To help him crack a case he would often take tea in his chambers.
Since Sherlock was a pipe smoker we chose to blend the finest Breakfast Tea with a pinch of smoky Lapsang Souchong.

In homage to his extraordinary mind, we add Ginkgo and Elderflower Blossom. Both are known to improve memory and boost concentration.

Would this creation have been his favourite? Improbable but true!

As we suspected, it was a hit! People really enjoyed the smokiness of the tea and found that it symbolized Sherlock to the T.