Sherlock at The Savoy!

Last month we presented our Sherlock Holmes Tea to a room of tea enthusiasts. The event was held at The Savoy in central London.

National Tea Day organised the event. The concept was ‘Tea Pairing’ so we had to first choose one of our teas (they ask the impossible!) and to then pair this with a well-matched food.

To celebrate our latest creation (and London), we chose to serve our Sherlock Holmes Tea.

We also chose this blend because it works well with many food types. The rich, smoky notes of this tea are a complement to cheese, seared tuna and cheesecake. Sherlock Holmes Tea also – unusually – stands up to red meat. So we decided to extend the British theme of the pairing by serving it alongside mini Shepherd’s Pies. The response was very enthusiastic!

In fact, National Tea Day decided to create a recipe for Sherlock Holmes-infused Mini Christmas Puddings. What a thrill! (if you’d like the recipe feel free to get in touch and we can send it to you)

It was fun to serve my Sherlock Holmes Tea to a room devoted to tea. We look forward to doing it again soon.