Sherlock Holmes Mini Xmas Puds!

How about creating a yummy Christmas treat with a difference . .

These gorgeous little fellas make an exquisite twist to the traditional seasonal cake.

To make these mini puds you will need

Ingredients ~

700 g Christmas pudding

250 g milk chocolate melted

1/4 cup brandy 2 teaspoon of Chash Fine Tea Co, Sherlock Homes Tea

1/2 cup choc bits

1 packet of cherries in syrup

Here’s what to do to produce these balls of wonder

Method ~

Infuse the brandy with Chash Fine Tea Co Sherlock Holmes Tea overnight. Strain. . Crumble the pudding and mix in the melted chocolate and brandy. . Roll the mixture into little balls. . Melt a small amount of the chocolate bits and drizzle over the mini puddings. . Top each pud with half a cherry . Repeat the process until all the mini puddings have been decorated