Tea Friends at Nazani

I got a present!! The fabulous and admirable @nazanitea and @lovetealovetravel generously bought me some Korean tea ?

We have known each other for a couple of years and it is my great pleasure to have found lovely people working in tea. With committed and enthusiastic sourcing, @nazanitea really do have the highest quality infusions (but they are too modest to say this!)


Anyway, I digress… Here is a brief summary of my gift!  ? ?

This Green Tea is from the Seogwang garden on Jeju Island. It is only the third time I have sampled tea from Jeju. Seogwang is the largest garden on the island and specialises in Sencha-like tea.

This large leaf is processed as a Sencha and produces the hallmark characteristics you would expect of a Sencha – rich, vegetal, notes of seaweed, grass and spinach. I experimented with the water temperature and prefer this tea at a low temperature (55)


A big thank you for the opportunity to enjoy this Korean delight ??