The Frontline Club

A short walk from London’s Paddington Station stands a small and very unique club.

The Frontline Club was established in 2003, created as a meeting place for independent journalism, freedom of press and those who believe in it. The Club supports journalists, especially those in conflict journalism, who have reported from the front line and areas decimated by war and conflict.

The Frontline Club offers a comfortable, relaxing place for its members to meet. The club is housed in a renovated Victorian three storey coach house. The building offers a restaurant – which is open to non-members – on the ground floor. In addition, there is a private clubroom, a forum and the club also offers twelve bedrooms. The Club also hosts discussions and talks which are attended or hosted by many well-known names in journalism, including Martin Bell, Louis Theroux and Jeremy Paxman.

Alongside the discussion and debates, the club hosts screenings of relevant films and documentaries. There are photography exhibitions from those who have worked on the front line and Q&A sessions with journalists, photographers, cameramen and reporters. The club doesn’t shy away from difficult issues and the need for openness and honesty in media.

Frontline Club is a unique place and is very different to what you can normally expect in London. The idea behind the club, to promote honesty, transparency and fairness in the media is housed in a modern, chic and sophisticated venue in the centre of London.

The club is a very good example of the many small little gems that are littered around London and are not widely known about.

At CHASH we respect the clubs’ principles of openness and honesty; and we are honoured that they chose us to provide their tea.