Our VIP’s

This week saw CHASH host its first VIP Tea Tasting Event!


To show our appreciation for the love and support in 2018 we decided to give our customers an evening to remember!!


We met at Curio Cabal cafe in Haggerston (if you live in London and haven’t been you really must make the trip) on Monday evening. After introductions from Dan and his team (and tea) our guests introduced themselves to the group. We then set our guests into teams and tasked them with preparing some Sencha Green Tea. The group were then treated to a video from our supplier in Japan about how to properly and carefully produce the finest tea. Dan then made a pot for everyone!


Next came the showstopper of the event ~  a tea that is 36 years old!!! How’s that for a genuine rarity.


Guests had an opportunity to look at and smell the leaves and watch as Dan prepared the tea. Due to its age the tea has delightful woody, peaty flavour, but unexpectedly also has notes of baked fruit and beetroot. The lingering aftertaste is incredibly smooth.


1983 Aged Black Tea (Assam)

YuChi Assam black tea was introduced to Taiwan by the Japanese in the early 19th century.

Our Taiwanese black teas come from a long-established family tea business. They grow their tea in the hills of YuChi near Sun Moon Lake. This aged variety comes from a garden filled with Assamica plants that sits at 600m.

Back in 1983 Mr Chen decided to experiment with aging a small crop of his tea; after fully oxidising the leaf, to produce a traditional Assam, it was placed into careful storage (much like Pu’ Er).

Now, 36 years later, the leaves produce a flavour that is smooth and without any bitterness. Remarkably, the tea is both earthy and fruity, combining notes of peat and forest floor with



Harvest season ~ 1983

Origin: Yuchi, Nantou County, Taiwan

Elevation: 600m

Varietal: Assamica

Oxidation level: full (100%)

Finishing steps: ageing

Appearance of leaf: dark twisted leaves

Appearance of liquor: brown

Aroma of infusion: fruity, cherry syrup

Taste: Silky smooth. Earthy with fruit and root vegetable sweetness.


It was a great night and the CHASH team enjoyed putting on the event. So see you at the next one!