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“Oh My so smooth! Love it” – Samantha , north London

In the Qing Dynasty, Long Jing was granted the status of ‘Imperial Tea’.

Today, this tea is reserved in China for the wealthy elite. It is also frequently given to visiting heads of state!

Zhejiang Province is famed for the best Long Jing. Our Long Jing is grown near the West Lake in Hangzhou. Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province

April is the beginning of the tea season. This is when the leaves are freshest and sweetest. In April we source from the plants from the family owned tea garden of Mr. Li.

Only the bud and first 2 leaves are picked. Our Long Jing is classed ‘A-Grade

The pea-like aroma is incredible. Nutty and toasted, the taste profile has a prevalent roast chestnut flavour. The taste is sweet and unmistakably fresh


Here is the story behind the origin of the distinctive ‘flat’ shape :

An Emperor was so taken with Long Jing he picked some for himself. While so doing he abruptly received message that his mother, The Empress, was gravely ill. Upon his return to the palace, the Emperor knelt down at her bedside

The Empress asked what was the wonderful aroma her son had brought with him

Remembering the tea leaves in his pocket he discovered that against the bed they had become flattened! The Emperor had some tea made for his sick mother. Legend has it that she was cured of illness

As a mark of respect, all Long Jing is now fashioned this way. Tea Masters work with great skill to produce a flat shape to the leaf

Cost Per Cup ~ 20p

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