Hubei Big Red Robe




When we met Mr Wei at his home in Yunnan he proudly told us of his love for both Oolongs and experimenting.

Several hours away in Hubei, among the dense forestry of the Da Bie Shan Mountains, he has been cultivating production of a Da Hong Pao. Da Hong Pao translates to ‘Big Red Robe’.

In homage to its WuYi heritage, Mr Wei has named the garden Hui Yuan Ken. The garden sits at 980m.

When we visited, at the end of April, Mr Wei had just picked his first harvest. Naturally he was excited and proud to show me his new tea. His ingenious skill produced a Hubei-grown tea with the charcoal-baked notes for which Big Red Robe is famous.

Awarded Special Grade, this Da Hong Pao hosts characteristics of roasted coffee.

Cost Per Cup ~ 36p

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50g, 50g Tea Caddy

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