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Around the world people share a deep love for tea. Even the word for tea – ‘cha’ – is widely shared.

Within this common love, drinking tea has local rituals and customs that make it an important part of local culture. Perhaps none expresses its admiration for tea more than Japan, where for centuries Matcha has been an essential part of daily life for Zen monks.

Indeed, Matcha has its very own ceremony and house! The ‘house’ is often a simple room constructed by the monks or Samurai. In harmony with Zen philosophy it is a home of serenity and tranquillity. This special place is called the ‘chashitsu’ (茶室).

Cha-shitsu translates to ‘tea room’. It is from this word that we take our name.

The Matcha Ceremony will allow you to truly appreciate your Matcha. The ceremony is an intrinsic and influential part of Japanese tradition. It gives a moment to reflect, to unwind and to experience quiet. To enjoy this moment Matcha must be prepared with due attention and care – and the right utensils!

Inside this Matcha presentation set is the 3 fundamental utensils needed to prepare Matcha

1. A wide-rimmed bowl, known as the ‘chawan

2. A tea whisk made of fine bamboo. It is called the ‘chasen

3. The long, thin bamboo spoon is called a ‘chashaku

Matcha is traditionally whisked with water heated to 40-70 degrees

Whisk away in a series of M movements for 10-20 seconds until you have created a smooth, creamy head

Your Matcha is now ready to drink!

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