Introduction to Japanese Tea


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Last month Dan travelled to Japan to meet our fantastic tea friends. To celebrate this (and give you the chance to try the teas he bought!) we are offering this special set.


Tea is an intrinsic part of both British and Japanese cultures. For hundreds of years tea has brought people together. Visitors and friends, guests at a home, even strangers are often first offered a cup of tea. In both Britain and Japan tea is a vital glue to bring people together.


If new to Japanese tea, it is worth noting flavours are rich and full. Japanese tea is strong in umami flavour and Japanese green tea (Sencha), when compared with the more familiar Chinese green tea, has vegetal notes of mineral, seaweed, asparagus and spinach. We therefore recommend a newbie ensures they steep (infuse) the leaves for a shorter period (1 minute only).

The Special Set comprises 4 packs of Japanese Teas ~  2 packs of Sencha; Kukicha; Genmaicha

Sencha is the tea from which Matcha is made. ‘Sen cha’, literally ‘green tea’ is created by steaming the freshly picked leaf. This process is markedly different to the pan-fry method used to make Chinese green tea. The difference produces a vegetal and marine flavour, much unlike green tea from China. Sencha is rich in the 5th taste – umami.

The finest Sencha is shaded. Depriving the leaf of natural sunshine increased the chlorophyll and this in turn enriches the leaf. The result is a richer flavour and more antioxidants. The newest leaves are shaded for 2-3 weeks in early May. The shading process requires great skill (and plenty of time and effort). For this reason it accounts for only 0.3 per cent of tea in Japan.

Genmaicha is green tea with toasted rice (it literally means ‘rice tea’). So give it a go if you like popcorn!

Kukicha is created with the ‘kuki’ leaf stalks of Tencha leaves. Naturally low in caffeine, Kukicha has notes of coffee, honey and pecan.


Enjoy! And please let us know which you most enjoy 🙂

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