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White Porcelain Tea Leaf Holder


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Are you on a journey of tea discovery? Do you want to take the next step?


To fully enjoy your tea experience, we encourage you to embrace the gongfu ceremony

Gongfu (often referred to as Kung Fu) means the acquisition of skill over time.
So the ceremony of Gongfu Cha is a celebration of the time required to make tea with skill!

The first step is to measure and then provide a vessel for your leaves. For this you need a tea leaf holder!

This traditional tea leaf holder is made from Chinese porcelain.




To properly celebrate tea we should be enjoying the leaves in multiple, short infusions. Gongfu Cha is therefore best when prepared with a traditional gaiwan or yixing teapot and small ‘taster cups’. No mugs please!

If you wish to prepare the tea Gongfu-style, fill the Gaiwan with tea and steep the leaves for 10-20 seconds. For each additional infusion increase the steeping time by a further 10-20 seconds. Gongfu will provide you with many infusions (with Oolongs often as many as 10!)

Welcome to the world of making tea with skill. Made by you ?


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