Aged Oolong – 2006




“Will tantalise even the most experienced palate. A must try” ~ National Tea Day

Noting the increased knowledge of, and appreciation for, unusual tea, Tea Masters are choosing to experiment. Such is the breadth and diversity, Oolongs are perfect.

In Huang Shan City, Anhui province, roasting lightly oxidised oolongs is common. What is less common is allowing the hand-picked leaf to gently age.

This 2006 Chin Xin leaf is oxidised to only 15 per cent. It grows at an elevation of 300m (almost 1,000 feet) yet is certified organic (EU).

Hand-picked, this Oolong has a lingering taste that is remarkably smooth and clean.

Refined, oaky.


ORIGIN – Huang Shan City, Anhui, China

HOW IS IT MADE – Withering-Tossing-Fermentation-Frying-Rolling-Baking


AROMA – Baked fruit and Toast

TASTE – Toasted honey, roasted nuts and molasses

HEALTH BENEFITS – High antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Studies indicate Oolong helps fight cancer and weight loss


WHEN IS IT BEST – Afternoon and Evening. Especially with or after a meal

WHAT MAKES IT LUXURY – This tea is 14 years old!

Cost Per Cup ~ 30p

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Weight 50 g
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