Ya Shi Xiang (Duck Shit) 50g


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If Dan Cong’s are named after the flavour they produce, why would a farmer produce one called Ya Shi (duck shit)?!

Well, 100 years ago a Phoenix Town farmer produced an Oolong tea with a fragrance so intense it reached his neighbours. The neighbours rushed to ask him about his new cultivar. The farmer was afraid they wished to steal his creation and his ingenious plan to prevent this was to tell them the flavour tasted like duck shit!

(quite how the neighbours believed this is not known)

Ya Shi Xiang is now a famous cultivar, known for its sweet taste, but mostly for the flowery fragrance that first alerted those nosy neighbours.

At a height of 465m on Mount Wu Dong is the garden of Li Zhi Gao. Our Ya Shi is farmed here and prepared by Mr Li himself.

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