Iron Goddess of Mercy


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“You have created something very special for our world to enjoy. That is a real gift” – Gail, USA

Anxi County in Fujian Province is home to this famous Chinese Oolong.

Tie Guan Yin translates to Iron Goddess of Mercy. The tea takes its name from the story of how the tea first emerged. Legend says that a poor farmer, Wei, spent many months repairing a dilapidated temple dedicated to Guanyin.

One night Guan Yin came to him in a dream and told him if a gift awaiting him in a cave behind the temple. The following morning Wei found the cave and inside discovered a single tea shoot. Wei cared for the young tea plant as he had cared for the temple. The tree of legend still exists and is considered a national treasure.

Our tea is handpicked by Farmer Luwei from his garden in Quanzhou. The garden is approximately 1000 metres above sea level and the leaf is harvested in Spring.

The fresh leaves are roasted and then gently oxidised. Darker Oolongs are often oxidised to 70% but to tease out the delicate and light floral notes of Tie Guanyin, this tea is finished to 30%.

Light and pure, with the soft aroma of orchids.

Over multiple infusions, the tightly curled balls will unfurl into huge fresh leaves. Delicious hot or cold.

A quite wonderful tea.

Cost Per Cup ~ 36p

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