High-Grade Matcha


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Oh, Wow! So that’s what Matcha is supposed to taste like! Incredible !” ~ Verity, London


Matcha tea is revered in Japan. The famed flavours of Matcha are rich, vegetal, yet mellow and slightly sweet.

This Matcha is from Kagoshima Prefecture, in the far south of Japan. Here the temperature is warmer and that leads to richer flavours.

We visited Kagoshima in 2019. Of the Matcha we tried, we selected this one for you because it is a Matcha cultivated to develop creamier flavours (making it ideal for Matcha smoothies and milkshakes).

Sweet and grassy in aroma. Unmistakably fresh.

The health benefits of Matcha are nothing less than extraordinary. Matcha has caffeine and no doubt you know this boosts metabolism and concentration, lifts mood and helps reduce cholesterol.

However, Matcha has a special secret to keep you from the ‘crash’ at the end of a caffeine fix…. On planet Earth an amino acid can be found called L-theanine. But L-theanine is only found in one place… the tea leaf! It is the presence of this amino acid that counter-balances the caffeine to keep your focus and alertness smooth and consistent.

Research shows Matcha can reduce or moderate stress – perfect for the hard-working!

Here is the breakdown of the health properties present in 1 cup of Matcha :

~ 1000% the antioxidants of blueberries

~ 900% the vitamins of spinach

~ 7,000% the antioxidants of Orange Juice


ORIGIN – Kagoshima, Japan

HOW IS IT MADE – Shaded-Picked-Steamed-De-stemmed-Ground


AROMA – Fresh, Grassy… Healthy!

TASTE – Vegetal and grassy. Notes of seaweed, pea and spinach

HEALTH BENEFITS – Awakening, stimulating. Bursting with antioxidants and vitamins


WHEN IS IT BEST – Early Morning and Pick-Me-Up Time

WHAT MAKES IT LUXURY – Personally chosen on our trip to Japan

Cost Per serving ~ 60-75p

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Weight 25 g
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30g, 30g in Tea Caddy, 100g

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