Aged Assam – 1983


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YuChi Assam black tea was introduced to Taiwan by the Japanese in the early 19th century.

Our Taiwanese black teas come from a long-established family tea business. They grow their tea in the hills of YuChi near Sun Moon Lake. This aged variety comes from a garden filled with Assamica plants that sits at 600m.

Back in 1983 Mr Chen decided to experiment with aging a small crop of his tea; after fully oxidising the leaf, to produce a traditional Assam, it was placed into careful storage (much like Pu’ Er).

Now, 36 years later, no bitterness, just a flavour that is rich and smooth.

Remarkably, the tea is both earthy and fruity, combining notes of peat and forest floor with baked fruit and beetroot.

Like all good aged tea, this Assam is very generous and can re-steeped several times. Incredibly smooth, this tea is pleasant and very special.

A genuine rarity.


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