Song Zhong Cultivar (25g)



The Phoenix Mountains (Feng Huan Shan) rise high above Chaozhou in Guangdong Province, south China. Heavy rainfall and high humidity in summer (and consistent rainfall in the cooler winter months) produce a subtropical climate.

Among the rocky cliffs of the Mountains, away from mass-produced gardens, Dan Cong (single bush) tea trees grow wild. Some Phoenix Mountain tea trees are centuries old and protected by the Chinese government. Pesticides are forbidden and all wild trees are farmed naturally.

The most famous and highly-prized wild trees are on Wu Dong Mountain. It is here, at an elevation of 580m, the Song Zhong trees grow. This Old Tree cultivar is so-named because it dates back to the Song Dynasty from 1200.

Each May the leaves are picked and withered in the sun. during the night the Tea Master, Mr Wei, carefully roasts the leaves by hand. His skill has created a mellow and smooth tea that will delight the connoisseur. It may be the most aromatic tea we have encountered.

This harvest was awarded Special Grade.

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