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As featured on ITV’s ‘Love Your Weekend’ and YOU Magazine

Why Sherlock Holmes Tea?

Make yourself a cup, sit back and read on…

Did you know that the great consulting detective was a terrific fan of tea? Throughout the stories, Sherlock would often have tea brought to his Chambers to help him focus and crack the case. So our Founder, Dan, decided it would be fitting to create a tea in his name.

The obvious first question was what type of tea blend would be apt for Mr Sherlock Holmes?

As an English icon, the natural place to begin our creation is our English Breakfast Gold. This is a sophisticated breakfast tea, fine and elegant.

Sherlock was of course famously a pipe smoker. So we chose to blend this stellar Breakfast Tea with a pinch of a smoky black tea from China called Lapsang Souchong. We had the foundation in place!

Next, we looked to pay homage to his extraordinary mind. After some research (we hope Sherlock would have been proud), we discovered a small number of herbs and flowers that are known to improve memory and boost concentration. Progress!

Dan experimented with these, finding that Ginkgo and Elderflower Blossom complemented the tea perfectly.

Our blend was ready!

We cannot promise that 3 cups each day will make you as clever as Sherlock, but we can promise a refined, smooth tea with a surprisingly gentle and clean finish.

Would our little creation have been his favourite? In the words of the man himself ~ “Improbable but true!”


“Lovely flavour. I really like that”
~ Ainsley Harriett ‘Love Your Weekend’ on ITV

“Thank you SO much for the tea. It is de-ruddy-licious!!!!”
~ Alex, London

ORIGIN – Mixed Origin

HOW IS IT MADE – Picked-Withered-Rolled-Oxidised-Baked-Dried


AROMA – Smoky Blossoms

TASTE – Smooth, Warm, a touch smoky

HEALTH BENEFITS – Antioxidants. Studies indicate Black Tea boosts concentration and cardiovascular health, helps with inflammation


WHEN IS IT BEST – Whenever you have a case to solve!

WHAT MAKES IT LUXURY – Created by our Founder!


Sherlock Holmes Tea is a registered trademark of CHASH The Fine Tea Co


Cost Per Cup ~ 20p

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Weight 50 g
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100g Loose, 1kg Loose

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