Importers & Retailers of 'Better Tea'

CHASH is fully committed to bring you only the highest quality tea.

We have travelled the world to source the very best (try the rest!)

Our days are dedicated to finding you both traditional classics and rare teas not otherwise found in the UK.

We love tea (Magic FM called Dan a ‘tea geek’!).

So what is our philosophy that drives what we do?

Here it is!

‘If 'Tea Makes Everything Better’ shouldn't we be drinking Better Tea?

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Our clients are located around the world to right on our doorstep.

CHASH is served in cafes, hotels, restaurants and theatres, and also offices, beauty salons, universities and the world’s biggest travel bookshop!

Better Tea. That is our commitment. So you can commit to giving customers a better experience.

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Friends of CHASH

People have written some very nice things about CHASH, our tea, our service, the training ….and even us!

We are a bashful and modest bunch. But we recognise these positive comments give you confidence in our tea

  • Thomas, US
    I just went crazy over a cup of your Elderflower-Ginger Tea at the National Gallery in London. How can I get your tea in the US???
    Thomas, US
  • Sonya, Canada
    I've heard wonderful things about your Vanilla Chai tea from my friends in London!
    Sonya, Canada
  • Ezster, London
    I am moving to Canada in a few days and I was wondering if there is any chance that you can ship to Canada so that I can continue enjoying your spectacular teas in the months to come?
    Ezster, London
  • Caffiendlondon
    Clean and intense
  • Simon, London
    Best fruit tea……. EVER
    Simon, London
  • Danielle, Herts
    I absolutely love my Rose tea. I feel like I'm treating myself every time I make it!
    Danielle, Herts
  • Gail, Atlanta, Georgia
    You really have created something very special for our world to enjoy. That is a real gift.
    Gail, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Rosa, Huddersfield
    It's the best tea I've ever had; my boyfriend dreams about your English breakfast!
    Rosa, Huddersfield
  • Dee, Essex (tea-totaller)
    The finest Black Tea I have ever tasted
    Dee, Essex (tea-totaller)
  • Samantha, South London
    Perfect for my organic detox. Love your teas - You rock!
    Samantha, South London
  • Patrick, Dalston, East London
    Your tea is really great. It is making things better in my office.
    Patrick, Dalston, East London
  • Ed, London
    Dan runs Chash Tea, he is the purveyor of the world’s finest tea. That's quite a bold claim to make and when I first met him, I thought perhaps this was a hyperbolic statement. Having tried his tea, I realised that this was in fact the truth. It's the best tea I've ever had
    Ed, London
  • Dean, London
    CHASH Tea, basically the best tea company in the world, period! :)
    Dean, London