‘Better Tea’ Members Club

Do you want to
(and maybe show off!)
your love of tea?

Take tea drinking
to the next level
by becoming a
member of our
‘Better Tea’ club!

Join us and we promise to take you with us on a magical Tea Journey. Your journey will introduce you to all kinds of fascinating tea.

To develop and build your knowledge, each month you receive:

Departures are in the first week of each month.

But do hurry. Space on the Tea Boat is limited – each departure can accommodate a maximum of 20 passengers!

Normal Tea – Learn why we commit to ‘Better Tea’!

To cater to your taste and experience,
there are 3 options

Tea Cruise

The Tea Cruise is for the budding tea drinker.

It is a gentle introduction to the world of ‘Better Tea’.

Tea Voyage

The Tea Voyage is for the tea enthusiast.

Voyages offer the opportunity to expand your ‘Better Tea’ knowledge.

Tea Odyssey

The Tea Odyssey gives you access to some of the world’s rarest tea.

The Odyssey will appeal to the tea connoisseur.

If you can bear to share, maybe you know someone else who loves tea!

‘Better Tea’ Members Club

As a Better Tea member you will also receive:

How do I sign up?

Choose the Journey
you want.
Enter your
delivery details.
Choose a
payment method.
You’ll get a confirmation
email for your subscription.
Your Tea Journey
will be posted in the first week of the month. Delivery is within 4 to 6 working days.