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Our tea story

Two years (and several thousand cups) later I hosted some Summer ‘Tea Parties’ (outside) and a cold, snowy Winter market stall (also outside). The following year I found my first wholesale customer (thanks Joe!) and by the Summer I had a few more. So I sold my fishtank (sorry fish) and worked on my last newspaper.

CHASH was born!

Within 2 years my flat had no more space to store tea (boxes piled up around the TV!) so the tea moved to a warehouse in north London. I couldn’t afford to keep the flat so I put a bed in one of the rooms, the TV in another and moved in with the tea.

By 2015 (why is it always 2 years?!) I was able to move out the warehouse and get a dog (Hi Jasper) and watch telly free from boxes of tea.

Along the way I have been lucky to meet some great people in the industry. I owe thanks to them and especially my incredible Mum. CHASH wouldn’t be here without her (still tirelessly working for minimum wage).

Hopefully, in our small way CHASH is meeting the demand for luxury tea. After all, – If ‘Tea Makes Everything Better’ shouldn’t we be drinking better tea?

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    If 'Tea Makes Everything Better' shouldn't we be drinking Better Tea?®