Our Tea Story

About CHASH Tea

At CHASH we source ‘Better Tea'

Dan, the Founder and owner of CHASH, takes great pride in scouring the world to find the finest teas

His English Breakfast Gold, Fog Green and Peppermint all won a Gold Star at the recent 2020 Great Taste Awards
The Earl Grey 1833 is blended exclusively for us.

Meet some of our Tea Friends

At CHASH we also create our own ‘Better Tea'!

Sherlock Holmes Tea ® and Shakespeare Tea ® were created by Dan and are exclusive to CHASH. We also create Bespoke Blends for clients, including the British Library.
About CHASH Tea

Where does our name come from?

Around the world people share a deep love for tea. Even the word for tea – ‘cha’ – is widely shared.
Within this common love, drinking tea has local rituals and customs that make it an important part of local culture.
Perhaps none expresses its admiration for tea more than Japan, where for centuries tea has been an essential part of daily life for Zen monks. Indeed, tea has its very own ceremony and house!
The ‘house’ is often a simple room constructed by the monks or Samurai. In harmony with Zen philosophy it is a home of serenity and tranquillity. This special place is called the ‘chashitsu’ (茶室).
Cha-shitsu translates to ‘tea room’. It is from this word that we take our name.

Did you know?

Stick the kettle on…

​Every day we Britons drink 165 million cups of tea.

That beats the coffee drinkers 2:1 day in day out, and everyone thought we were a coffee drinking nation.

We travel far to find the best…

Like wine, tea comes from one bush an evergreen, known as Camellia Sinensis.

The variety comes from the careful skill of the farmer combined with the unique characters of the location, climate, soil and elevation – the terroir

A secret elixir…

Drinking tea increases metabolism (good for weight loss!), helps lessen colds and menstrual pain.

​Tea is rich in the antioxidants that fight the ageing of skin. Tea helps us look and feel healthy.

Just a few of the Tea Gardens we visit

We travel to the ends of the earth… ​To make sure we find you ​the best tea

A little bit about the founder...

I’m the one on the right. Weirdly I still look a bit like this now.

Back in 2008 I was working in national press and wondering why the streets of London were filling up with speciality coffee shops.

By 2009 I was wondering why tea, our national drink, was not part of the changing high street. Very confused, I sold my fish tank and decided to find out.

Highlight so far?

Always the look when someone tastes my tea for the first time. I love that reaction. If I had to choose one particular highlight it would oddly be an occasion when CHASH was not successful:

​I was invited to present our teas to Waldorf Astoria New York. Although (understandably) they decided to work with a US tea company, they told me our tea was the best. To hear this (and even be invited to present!) tells me we must be doing a few things well