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“I’ve heard wonderful things about your Vanilla Chai tea from my friends in London!” ~ Sonya, Canada

Check out the recipe idea in the Gallery – Vanilla Chai Pancakes and Vanilla Chai Cupcakes!! Mmmmm… Deelish!

Our Vanilla Chai has developed quite a reputation!

As with most Chai, this creation is founded on cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. We also add pink and bruised pepper. The spice is then softened with rooibos, vanilla and cornflowers. It is also naturally caffeine free.

The result is a mouth-watering combination. So put the phone on mute and settle down with a smooth chai latte.


Ayurveda is the search for well-being and self-awareness. It was first developed in India and is the oldest known tradition for holistic healing. Ayurvedic infusions will make you feel relaxed and satisfied.


ORIGIN – Mixed Origin

HOW IS IT MADE – Picked and Naturally Dried


AROMA – Warm and comforting spice

TASTE – A Cuddle in a Cup

HEALTH BENEFITS – Ayurvedic infusions make you feel relaxed and satisfied.


WHEN IS IT BEST – Anytime, especially when you want an indulgent treat!

WHAT MAKES IT LUXURY “I’ve heard wonderful things about your Vanilla Chai from my friends in London!”

Cost Per Cup ~ 9p

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