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“Mom is a great amateur of Earl Grey and found it quite exceptional” ~ Florence, Paris

“Wonderful….not like any other Earl Grey” Sakura, Tokyo

This Earl Grey is produced exclusively for CHASH.

We think Earl Grey deserves distinction. Much of the Earl Grey on the market is homogenous, which shows a lack of original thought and is a disservice to such a famous tea.

For almost 1 year we experimented with creating a fresh and exciting Earl Grey. And here it is; the delicate combination of precious Ceylon Black Tea with pure bergamot oil.

In 1833, Earl Grey led the British government to abolish slavery throughout the Empire. In salute to this progressive and brave step, we named this – Earl Grey 1833.

Bergamot is an orange-like Citrus grown in Calabria in Italy. The notes of bergamot oil sit on top of the fruity black tea to produce an Earl Grey flavour and aroma that is unequalled.

Earl Grey is arguably the true British tea. And in celebration of its fame and the Prime Minister who gave it her name, we add cornflowers in red, white and blue.

A fittingly peerless Earl Grey.


ORIGIN – Sri Lanka

HOW IS IT MADE – Picked-Withered-Rolled-Oxidised-Baked-Dried


AROMA – Gently perfumed

TASTE – Delicate, aromatic, fruity

HEALTH BENEFITS – Antioxidants. Studies indicate Black Tea boosts concentration and cardiovascular health, helps with inflammation


WHEN IS IT BEST – Morning and Afternoon

WHAT MAKES IT LUXURY – Blended exclusively for CHASH


Cost Per Cup
x20 ~ 16p
x100 – 14p

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