Kukicha Toasted


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“Wonderfully special… and different” – Laurence, Kent

“But isn’t tea made from tea leaves?!”

99.9% of the time the answer is ‘Yes’. But for 0.1% of the time we have Kukicha!
‘Kuki’ means stalk and ‘cha’ is tea… so this tea is literally called stalk tea or stem tea. Tea made from the stalk? In a splendid example of not letting anything go to waste, the leaf stalks of tencha is used to produce a very different and very delicious alternative.
Kukicha has notes of coffee and a flavour profile that includes rich honey and pecan. This Kukicha we chose is roasted, giving an additional aroma of wood and toast.

Because the caffeine in tea is all in the leaf, Kukicha also has the benefit of having almost no caffeine.
If you’re #teacurious, you must give it a go!

Cost Per Cup ~ 16p

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