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“These shaded Sencha are exceptional” ~ Paul, London

Kyushu Island is the most southerly island of Japan. It enjoys a warmer climate and the first tea arrives several weeks earlier.

From the gentle slopes of Kagoshima prefecture comes this rare treat. It is a Saemidori leaf varietal, grown by the Horiguchi family.

The finest Sencha is shaded. 2-3 weeks before picking, covers are laid over the bushes to prevent most of the natural light reaching the leaves (I landed in Japan just in time to see the leaves being covered!). Depriving the leaf of sunshine increased the production of chlorophyll and this in turn enriches the leaf, increasing the flavour (and also, happily, the health properties).

Enjoy a short steeping for 30 seconds, or try the traditional Japanese ‘soup’.

How to Prepare Traditional Japanese method ~

With each infusion, steeping time decreases by 30 secs while temperature increases by 10 degrees :

1st Infusion – 2 mins / 50-60 degrees
2nd Infusion – 1.5 mins / 60-70 degrees
3rd Infusion – 1 min / 70-80 degrees

Water Level – for the 1st steep the water should not even touch the middle leaves

Packed with antioxidants, Spring Shaded has a rich flavour full of umami. Also delicious to eat, served with a little soy and sesame.

Shaded Sencha accounts for only 0.3% of tea grown in Japan.

Cost Per Cup ~ 80p

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