Darjeeling Oolong




“A Damn Fine Cup of Tea” ~ The Guardian

We love to bring to you tea that is exceptional, but also unusual. During our quest, we were introduced to this creation from Buddha Sing T.

Buddha is the tea farmer at Muktan Farm. Here, at a height of 1680m, he has cultivated a rare hybrid leaf from a China seed and the local Tukdah leaf.

Each Spring Buddha’s clever experiment creates a mixture of green, brown and red leaf and soft, white tips. The leaves are hand-rolled and then pan roasted at 140 degrees. To obtain a moisture content of only 4-5% the tea is then dried at 60 degrees. The aroma of the finished leaf is simply astonishing.

Crafted tea like this is Special Reserve; this year only 10kg were produced.

We did pay a lot for Buddha’s tea. But it is worth every penny..

Cost Per Cup ~ 30p

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