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It’s totally unique and I admit I’ve not tasted a tea quite like it. It’s a genius of a blend and I’m hugely impressed. CHASH say they hope they have done the bard justice. They absolutely have. They have created a real treat of a tea” ~ Teawriter79


We are proud of the English tradition for Tea and so we’re delighted (and proud!) to have created the official blend for our world-famous playwright

Dan’s challenge was to blend a tea that related to, and reflected, the world’s greatest dramatist. No small task and quite a tough ask!

Wondering why he had set himself such a challenge, appropriately Dan enlisted the help of his team and we all started to read!

A number of biographers, including Edward Malins, note that Shakespeare was fond of and often wrote about flowers. We decided the blend should reflect this interest.

The Rose was a favourite so we soon made this the lead flower. Now it was down to Dan to find some components to complement the Rose. Many of Shakespeare’s stories mention Chamomile and Fennel so after lots of blending sessions he decided to combine these three. The flavour profile is complex, but nicely balanced.

To sit alongside the flowers, the natural choice was the clean, grassy notes of a 1st Flush Darjeeling (the ‘Champagne of Tea’).

And there it is. Our hope is that, like one of his plays, there is nuance, depth and layer. We love to create tea blends for you to enjoy. It’s a shame the bard himself can’t enjoy a cup…


ORIGIN – Mixed Origin

HOW IS IT MADE – Picked-Withered-Rolled-Oxidised-Baked-Dried


AROMA – Complex and pungent

TASTE – Floral, sweet, complex

HEALTH BENEFITS – Antioxidants. Studies indicate Black Tea boosts concentration and cardiovascular health, helps with inflammation


WHEN IS IT BEST – Afternoon and Evening Indulgence

WHAT MAKES IT LUXURY – Created by our Founder!


Cost Per Cup ~ 20p

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