Venetian Rose – Loose Leaf


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“BEST TEA ON EARTH. If you haven’t tried it what are you waiting for???? Seriously fabulous and a pure delight”.

Not content to go and find the ultimate Earl Grey, we also wanted to give you an alternative.

The idea was to use the Earl Grey theme ~ delicate black tea infused with oil ~ and create an equally compelling tea.

Talking it through with the team and our clients, the choice of tea was made remarkably swiftly! Rose was the clear winner (apparently visitors to The Pavilion still ask for it).

So here we present Venetian Rose.

And my isn’t she popular!

Eventually we settled on a richer black tea to better compliment the rose.

Take a moment. Relax. Savour. Indulge.

Enjoy with or without milk.


ORIGIN – Sri Lanka

HOW IS IT MADE – Picked-Withered-Rolled-Oxidised-Baked-Dried


AROMA – Sweet Peach

TASTE – Rich, sweet and floral, with a delicate aftertaste

HEALTH BENEFITS – Antioxidants. Studies indicate Black Tea boosts concentration and cardiovascular health, helps with inflammation


WHEN IS IT BEST – Afternoon and Evening Indulgence

WHAT MAKES IT LUXURY – Fresh, Natural and Pure


Cost Per Cup ~ 16p

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