Aged Raw Pu’ Er – 10 Years




Very distinctively Pu Erh but with much lighter fragrance and nice grassy undertones. I must commend you on your tea buying! – Tom, Chester

In the far south of China is the province of Yunnan. Yunnan is the birthplace of tea

Pu ‘Erh is the earliest tea still produced in modern times

Today international buyers will pay tens of thousands of pounds for this valuable tea!

For several weeks very large leaves are twice fermented. This fermentation brings Pu ‘Erh its distinct earthy flavour and aroma and rich colour

In China Pu ‘Er (sometimes written as Pu’ Erh) is widely used to manage weight and cholesterol

It can be enjoyed throughout the day, while its benefit as a digestive means it is especially satisfying when drunk with a meal


From a height of 1300 metres above Pu’ Erh City comes this sheng cha (Raw Tea).

The leaf was hand-picked in 2013. It comes from selected small trees in the Pasha Mountain. Small trees are renowned for producing a distinct, sweeter taste.

The leaf has been stored naturally and allowed to oxidise, so it now bears resemblance to a light oolong, while still holding some sweet notes similar to our Yellow Tea.

Unique is a word often mis-applied. But in the case of Raw Pu’ Er the taste profile is undeniably unique. With each sip you will experience a medley of flavours, taking you along the full range. At times it can be sweet, moments later a little astringent and perhaps, momentarily, softly numbing.

Enjoyably diverse across many infusions.

Cost Per Cup ~ 28p

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