Aged Raw Pu’ Er – 19 Years




“Simply amazing….. It was a real magic moment!” – Domenico, London

This vintage brick is a phenomenal example of aged sheng cha (Raw Tea).

During our visit to China in May 2017, we befriended an Oolong grower in the Phoenix Mountains. Upon hearing our next stop was neighbouring Yunnan, he set up an introduction to this wonderful tea.

It is made with Yunnan seed plants that are 200 years old. The mixed cultivar plant grows at an altitude of 1750m.

At the end of March, right at the beginning of the tea season , the bud and top 2 or 3 leaves were picked. Allowed to wither naturally in sunlight, the leaf was then gently oxidised. Post-fermentation is then encouraged.

A first class sheng cha (and Dan’s personal favourite!)


Chaqi (茶气)

To truly appreciate the wonder of this tea we need to introduce you to the term ‘Chaqi’

Chinese medicine works on the principle of Qi (energy) of the body. The strains of daily life cause us an excess or shortage of Qi. This upsets our mood and effects body regulation. In turn, this leads to emotional imbalance and unhappiness

We can address the imbalance with tea that is rich in Qi. This is known as Chaqi – literally ‘tea energy’

When drinking tea, enthusiasts consider the traditional aspects of appearance, aroma and taste. Appreciation is found in the study of the dry leaf, wet leaf, the liquor and, of course, the flavours

A connoisseur contemplates the Chaqi (茶气). It is best described as how the tea makes you feel. It is unspoken and intangible

We have been told that Chaqi is inexpressibly divine. To some it is a feeling of total relaxation, a sense of incredible calm. Others feel deeply ‘attuned’ and experience a sensation of hyper alertness. The effect of Chaqi is often compared to higher-state meditation.

To truly feel it you have to sense Chaqi by yourself and for yourself (your experience will by definition be different to that experienced by those you share this tea with)

Pause for a moment. Consider the studies that show tea combats illness. Remember tea was originally used as medicine

One barometer of tea quality is the number of infusions the leaf provides. This Chaqi-rich Pu’ Erh will offer you up to 9 steeps

Allow the tea to reach you. Rare is it that a moment lasts with you forever


Weight: 250g ~ Cost Per Cup ~ 60p


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