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“Your teas are like fine wine, demanding time and respect” – Dee, London

“Having tried his tea, I realise Dan is the purveyor of the world’s finest tea. It’s the best I’ve ever had” – Ed, London



Among the rocky cliffs of the Phoenix Mountains, single-trunk Dan Cong (single bush) oolongs grow.

The most famous and highly-prized are cultivated on Wu Dong Mountain.

Towards the peak of Wu Dong Mountain the terrain becomes rocky and beyond 1000m it is incredibly difficult for flora to survive.


But some wonderful, hardy trees manage to cling on.

These trees are natural ‘seed’ trees and most are more than 100 years old. The harvest is terribly small, so tea from Ancient Trees (Gu Shu) is highly prized. Wu Dong Gu Shu is nature’s finest material. The privilege to work with the crop is reserved only for the most talented Tea Master.


Further up the mountain, at a height of 1160m, we found a small number of special Gu Shu. These trees are certified at least 250 years old. Each tree produces only a few kg’s of tea.

The most cherished Gu Shu has to be picked from just one solitary tree (Dan Zhu). This makes Gu Shu Dan Zhu – Ancient Tree Single Bush – tea revered, uncommonly scarce, and treasured.

Gu Shu Dan Zhu is the Premium Gold Award Phoenix Oolong.


Almost priceless (see below!). To savour a Gu Shu Dan Zhu is rare.


Cost Per Cup ~
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10g – £5.50
25g – £4.80

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