Flowering Teaballs – Gift Jar




“Wonderful, special… and different” – Laurence, Kent

What kitchen wouldn’t want this on display?!

30 of the world’s finest Tea Balls housed in their very own glass display jar.

Treat and impress your friend with a gift they can show off in stunning style. Or maybe it’s you who deserves the treat..!

Like all the teas we source, these Tea Balls are made with the finest tea. Each one is artfully crafted by hand, using only the tips of the tea plant.

Your 30 Tea Balls bring a range of flowers from Jasmine, Amaranth and Marigold to Lily, Chrysanthemum and Osmanthus.

Simply pop the Tea Ball into 500ml of water (ideally at 80 degrees) and feel mesmerised as your ball begins to slowly open. As the leaves ease apart a delightful flower and blossom will emerge from within…


ORIGIN – Fujian, China

HOW IS IT MADE – Picked-Withering-Fixed-Dried-Flower Added-Handmade


AROMA – Light and Floral

TASTE – Clean, Floral, Delicate, Elegant

HEALTH BENEFITS – Anti-aging. Studies indicate Green Tea helps fight cancer and diabetes and is an aid to weight loss


WHEN IS IT BEST – Moments of Indulgence

WHAT MAKES IT LUXURY – Crafted by hand… And with a Flower inside!


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